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January 9, 2007
EkoProm Ltd. joined the the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) International.
EkoProm Ltd. listing in the Association of Rotational Molders (ARM) International Members Directory.
December 15, 2006
Non-Insulated Boxes & Containers with Lids are available
Non-insulated boxes and containers with lids and legs are started to manufacture. They are suitable for the food-processing industry and can be moved conveniently by the forklift loader and stockpiled.
November 23, 2006
Food Barrels 120 L & 200 L with Lids are available
Food Barrels 120 L & 200 L with Lids are started to manufacture. The material of tanks is ultraviolet exposure proof and does not change physical, chemical and taste properties of stored liquids.
July 25, 2006
Decorative Planters are available
Decorative Planters are started to manufacture. They are intended for planting of flowers and decorative shrubs and can be used inside and outside. Have stylish design, high quality, and affordable price. All products are manufactured using ecologically clean, imported polyethylene of high quality.
July 20, 2006
Garbage Containers (Dust & Litter Bins) are available
Garbage Containers (Dust and Litter Bins) are started to manufacture. They are reliable, steady, and convenient in operation. Containers are manufactured out of high-strength polyethylene that is steady against the allowable loads and ambient temperatures from -40 up to +60 Centigrade. Convenience in containers transportation is provided by two wheels located at the basis.
July 17, 2006
Road Barriers, Road Buffers, & Traffic Signal Cones are available
Road Barriers, Road Buffers, and Traffic Signal Cones are started to manufacture. Road blocks are intended for a temporary enclosure and protection of road repair and construction sites to protect the workers and prevent of inadvertent driving inside the enclosed zone. Design of products provides the installation of road buffers, traffic signs, protective boards or screens, and alarm lanterns. Signal cones have an internal cavity for filling a weighting compound. The design provides the installation of an alarm lantern with self-contained power supply.
July 15, 2006
Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes are available
Construction Rubble Discharger Chutes are started to manufacture. They are indispensable at any building construction. You can clean the floors of erected or restored building from construction rubble and debris. The product consists of separate chutes, therefore in the disassembled condition can be stacked compactly. The chutes are made out of the strong plastic. By addition or removal of chutes sections, the length of the entire refuse chutes can be changed. Fastening of chutes is carried out by the adjustable chains.
July 1, 2006
Opening of Rotational Molding Manufacture
EkoProm Ltd. started to manufacture plastic products by a rotational molding method using the Italian equipment of Polivinil Company.
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Roto Molding Process
        Production is made by a method of fusion of a polyethylene powder in the special metal mold. Rotation of the mold by the rotational molding machine in two planes during the fusion process provides the uniform thickness of a product.

        The product turns out uniform without seams, with equal thickness of walls, and a lot of a material in the corners where the product requires the greatest durability.

        Rotational molding is the unique of known in the world methods of polyethylene processing that allows making a product completely coinciding with the customerТs sketch by the mold. The method allows manufacturing the products of any geometry with any number of openings and inserted elements (including metallic) with double walls. It is possible to produce the polymeric parts with volume from 100 ml to up to 60 thousand liters.

        Addition of dye allows having the production with wide spectrum of colors. The rotational molding method provides the increased durability of products because of welded seams absence and uniform thickness of product. Various kinds of raw material and dyes provide the necessary durability, rigidity, chemical and frost resistance, and stability to burning-out of color. All the products, which made out of food polyethylene, are suitable for storage of food and drinking water.

About Company
       In July 2006
EkoProm Ltd. started to manufacture plastic products by a rotational molding method using the Italian equipment of Polivinil Company.

We manufacture:
       - tanks for food and chemical production, septic tanks, road barriers, road buffers, traffic signal cones, construction rubble discharger chutes, bins and crates for food industry, meet and fish processing, pallets, garbage containers (dust and litter bins), decorative planters, non-insulated boxes, and open top containers.

We offer molds manufacturing:
       - using ready designs and drawings;
       - new by the special individual orders.

       Now at EkoProm Ltd. manufacturing facilities
       in Mytischi (the Moscow region) about 40 various products are being rotationally molded serially.
       Engineering department of EkoProm Ltd. and its highly skilled experts develop new products and molds.
       We work with many various firms across Russia accepting their individual orders and manufacturing the products at our rotational molding production facilities.